Dozie – Lifted Gates (Lyrics, Mp3 Download)

Call: Oh ye gates be lifted up
Resp: oh oh oh
Let the king of glory come in, he is the Lord, strong and mighty king

Call: the Earth is the Lord’s
Resp: oh oh oh
Call: the fullness there of
Resp: eh eh eh
Call: the world is your creation
Resp: oh oh oh
Call: you made every Nation
Resp: eh eh eh

(From the Earth is the Lord) x2

You are the light through the night
You are the way through every storm
Your peace you give like a river
I will proclaim x2

Halle… Halle… hallelujah
The gate has been lifted
Halle… Halle… Hallelujah
The door has been open (x2)

He has broken the gates of brass
He has cut asunder the bars of iron
Halle…Halle…hallelele.. lujah
Resp:the gate has been lifted
Halle…Halle… hallelujah
Resp: the door has been open
Call: he has given me victory
Resp: the door has been open
Call: the Earth is the Lord
Resp: oh oh oh


Call and response.
Bianule, ihie chukwu neme, bianule, ihie chukwu nemeremo, come and see, the wonders of the Lord, oh oh. The Blind eyes can see
The lame man is working.
The barren is fruitful
Oh oh oh


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