Drakare Abaa – On God Lyrics & Mp3 Download

Drakare Abaa - On God Lyrics & Mp3 Download

New Single “On God” by “Drakare Abaa”.

I took time to truly think deep through all times and realised I really needed to appreciate God for all the awesome things that has happened to me through thick and thin in life and decided I had to express my appreciation and let other embrace it as they come to the Understanding of thanksgiving.

LYRICS: On God by Drakare Abaa
It’s all on God (x4)
Verse 1:
See, e dey hard, I no sabi where to start from 
You don carry me from day one to stardom 
All the blessing you dey give, where e dey come from? 
No be my power or my sense I no fit come form 
You make the sky shine bright on my high tops 
You be my rock of ages till my time stops 
You dey give me daily bread and the small chops 
Papa use me as your own for your world cup 
Everything wey I dey do na by ur grace 
Everything I wan dey do na with your pace 
(Repeat 2x)
It’s all on God (x4)
Verse 2:
If you look am well No be say na me holy pass
You still dey bless me, still dey hold me pass
I dey try hustle Lord I dey try fast 
You see that money, well, e dey dry fast 
E get this level wey I dey, I dey try pass 
And e get the kind stress wey I wan by pass 
No be over my head blessings go fly pass
 Pass me and my friends to dem vipers 
I dey pray every morning for the time past 
You dey always dey for me for every time past 
It’s all on God (x4)


“On God” Lyrics & Mp3 Download by Drakare Abaa

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