Edward Patta – Never Forsaken Lyrics

Edward Patta - Never Forsaken Lyrics

Verse 1:

I know you tire for your case
Your problems Don dey win the race
Since wey I dey pray for this blessings
Why e no dey look my face
Alagbada inor, I hear you love that name
Please teach me how to trust you, when my own dey fade. 
I realized that when I’m stuck on you, then my troubles fade away. 
When I look at you I see
There’s a light deep within
Just hold on, and stand strong. 
I’ve never seen, never heard
Now I believe, your beloved cannot be forsaken. 
Verse 2:
I know sometimes you are stuck in the feeling of wondering, can this really work? 
You feel sometimes that you ain’t capable and left behind. 
Everything would surely work out if you change your view. 
Call & Response:
Everything’s gonna be alright
“Never Forsaken” Lyrics by Edward Patta

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