Emi Mimo Kaabo by Tolu Odukoya Lyrics

Emi Mimo Kaabo by Tolu Odukoya Lyrics
Aaaa tan yan-yan tan yin-yin oooo 
(The one who glows beyond obstruction)
Manamana tin s’oju run yoro yoro yoro yoro 
(The thundering cloud that shakes the atmosphere)
Emi Mimo (The Holy Spirit)
Ti n gbe’bi mimo (Who lives in a Holy place)
Ti n je mimo (Who dines in holiness)
Ti n wo mimo (Who is clothed in holiness)
Ti n so mimo (Who speaks holiness)
Ti tun da mimo bo’ra (Who also wraps Himself in holiness)
Ojise Olorun Alaye ti n j’ise ire 
(The messenger of The Living God who delivers good tidings)
Olupinre oo (The One who shares goodness)
Olugbare (The one who receives goodness)
Oludare oo (The one who creates goodness)
Olusore (The one who does good)
Olukore oo (The chief possessor of good fortune)
Olujiire (The one who is always blessed with a good day)
Adaba mimo alailabawon (The Dove without a trace of flaw)
Ojise Olodumare (The Messenger of God)
Emi Mimo kaabo o! 
(Holy Spirit welcome!)
Emi Mimo kaabo! 
(Holy Spirit welcome! Welcome Welcome!)
Additional section:
Holy Spirit, we welcome You
Is there anything too hard for You to do?
We ask You to take your place
We ask You to invade our space
Turn things around for Your glory
Holy Ghost, change our story
Because You are the Spirit of Life
The Spirit of truth
The Spirit of power
Holy Spirit we welcome You
To create, To restore, To heal, To destroy
Holy spirit show Your power
Fight this battle
Champion our cause
So that they may know that I am in You
And You are in me
Because it is in You
I live, I move, and I have my being
Emi Mimo kaabo!
(Holy Spirit welcome!)
Oh, thank You Holy Spirit!
Do what You do
Do what You do
Kaabo! Kaabo! (Welcome! Welcome!)

Emi Mimo kaabo! Kaabo! Kaabo!
(Holy Spirit Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!)
Additional section:
We welcome You, Holy Spirit
Over our homes
Over our churches
We welcome You
We welcome You
Emi Mimo (Holy Spirit) (3x)
Holy Spirt
Thank You Lord
Oh! Heal like You do
Restore like You do
Come and take your place tonight
Ooooh Holy Spirit ooh
Let them know that You are King in this place tonight
Kabob! (Welcome!)
Like a mighty wind, move, destroy uproot
Take Your place today oh Lord
Oh, we welcome You
Lord, we welcome You
Emi Mimo kaabo! Kaabo! Kaabo!
(Holy Spirit welcome! Welcome! Welcome!)
Additional section:
Thank You Lord
We believe We receive it
Thank You Jesus
Thank You Lord

“Emi Mimo Kaabo” Lyrics by Tolu Odukoya

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