Empraiz – Ahyee Lyrics

Empraiz - Ahyèè Lyrics

Ahyee (3x)

Ahyee (3x)
Beside You I have no other God (2x)
Beside You there is no other God (2x)
In heaven and the earth
On the mountain on the valley
Beside You there is no other God
Chinwe ndu mo, the owner of my life
Igbe neche ndu mo, the keeper of my soul
Agwu neche mba, the lion of Judah
Oloro ihe loro ehin (greater than the greatest), 
Amama masi amasi (all knowing)
Onye (3x) (who)
Obu onye dika gi (who is like thee)
Onye (3x) (who)
Obu onye yiri gi (who is like unto thee)
Only You I know (3x)
I have no other God
Ahyee (3x)
Ahyee (3x)
There is no one like you
No one like You (2x) (chorus)
You have done it before
You will do it again (chorus)
Aniewo tente Jehovah 
(who is like God)
Amimoyo Ami nkwe 
(I have searched all over, none like Him)
You are Holy (chorus)
“Ahyèè” Lyrics by Empraiz

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