Glowrie – Before The Altar Lyrics

Glowrie - Before The Altar Lyrics
Owoicho no lofu nehi nehi
It’s me again Lord
Standing here today, right before the altar
Before the altar
Before the altar
Before the altar
I’ve come to worship you
God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob
God of David, Moses and Glory
I sought you, you heard me
Delivered me from shame and fear
God of the altar
Heavenly father
I come before you Jesus
With my sacrifice of praise..
As I get on my knees, it’s my grateful heart that I bring
Ada idango (miracle working God)
Owoicho omenyinyi (merciful God)
Odo kum mu’mleye (my heart if filled with joy)
Okonu kum mu’mlehe (my mouth is filled with laughter)

Before The AltarLyrics by Glowrie

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