Jehovah by Winny Uche Lyrics & Mp3 Download

Jehovah by Winny Uche Lyrics & Mp3 Download

jehovah is your name we will praise your name , jehovah elohim we will honor you.
i call you soon coming king , the energy of the entire universe, our royal majesty, i will honor you.
ana me tu gi onu na ekwuru ora (the mouth that speaks for all)
ogodo mkpuchi otom (the coverer of my nakedness)
oku di ebeube one nke mbu (the one and only greatest light)
i will magnify youuuuu.
i call you general overseer
my great event planner
my master programmer i twale for youuu.
i know you as phenomenal jehovah
limitless adonai
my indescribable daddy i will honor youuu…
have come to lift your name on high
for everything you have done
ogbajiri igwe kpoya nku 
(the breaker of iron yet he calls it stick)
i call you womb opener
quadruplet supplier
my storm stiller oh i will honor youuuuu.
i know you as my everything
my only satisfier
the reason for my existence
i twale for youuuu.
jehovah is your name irreplaceable father
nobody can take your place up
i will honor youuuu.
Repeat Chorus


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