Lilian Nneji – Ko Joo (Never) Lyrics

Lilian Nneji - Ko Joo (Never) Lyrics

Amazing Grace

The sweetest sound
But I’ve been forsaken
Rejected and confused o
Depression on my sleeves
Suicide on my mind
Everywhere I go
Oh Lord! I put my trust in you
Everything seems fading away
Every hope seems falling
Oh No! I’ll never give up on you

I wouldn’t come this far to worship you
Turn away look away from you
Ko Joo o (x2)

I will wait on you…..wait on you
I will trust in you…….Trust in you
I will follow you till I see you face to face
Repeat Chorus
Ko Joo (x8)
I will wait on you…..till I see you face to face (x2)
Ko Joo (x3)

“Ko Joo (Never)” Lyrics by Lilian Nneji
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