Menim – ZOE (Complete Lyrics, Mp3 Download)

Menim’s soaring voice is reassuring while thanking God for his ever-present guidance and providing strength to survive through difficulties and pain.

In this feel-good and melodic song, Menim displays her passion, poise, and vocal dexterity; attributes that put her in a class of one of the most exquisite and anointed singers of our time.

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LYRICS: ZOE by Menim

Jesus you’re the Author of our faith
The reason I’m alive today
Oh Lord we reign in you for eternity
In union with the Father in glory

Repeat Verse

Pre-Chorus (2x):
We bask in your presence,
In abundance of grace!
So we lift up our voices,
In righteousness and faith!

Chorus (2x):
Zoe, Zoe, the life of God in me!
Zoe, Zoe, glory to the King!
(Clap your hands)

Chant (2x):
Oh oh oh oh, oh oh ZOE!
Repeat Pre-Chorus (2x)
Repeat Chorus (2x)
(Clap your hands)
Repeat Chant (2x)

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