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Biological Name: Oche Jonkings
Stage Name: Oche Jonkings
State of Origin: Benue State, Nigeria
Occupation: Preacher, Gospel Singer & Song Writer
Marital Status: Married
Music Label: Royal Rhythm Music
Music Genre: Contemporary Worship Music
Latest Single: I Run To You

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Oche Jonkings is a profilic Gospel Singer, Preacher and Businessman. A passionate minister and a lover of God with an uttermost zeal for touching lives and causing transformation through music.
He is married and blessed with three  (3) kids. A member of Dunamis Intl.

Brief Interview Session

Why did you choose gospel music as a profession and career?

Every man is born for a reason and purpose. Everyone is designed for an assignment.
Let me say, this is my assignment here on earth. I was born for this. Any other thing is secondary.

So What are your visions as a gospel artiste?

I am driven by the vision to communicate heaven’s sounds to the earth, engulfing the earth with the worship of our God and stirring up the hearts of men to yearn for the deep things of God.
I want to see the worship and knowledge of God overwhelm every space and time.

Talking about music, what gives you inspiration?

Everything inspires me, from the word of God to situations and people around me.
I find a lesson in everything and a song in most lessons.

With reference to your ministry, who are the people you look upto?

I have a couple of people that greatly influence me in ministry among whom are my father in the Lord Dr Pst Paul Enenche, Israel Houghton, Elijah Oyelade, Chris Morgan, Sonnie Badu  Nathaniel Bassey to mention a few.

Talking about your music career, which can you say is the the biggest project you’ve worked on?

Well, that will be a relative term to use because over time, God has helped me bring out so many great songs like the praise song EVERYBODY LUKU LUKU SEE WHAT THE LORD HAS DONE FOR ME which I wrote in 2008 and was practically on the lips of virtually all church folks in the country and beyond…
I have also written songs like SEATED ON THE THRONE, OMANCHALA, I RUN TO YOU (which is the latest for now) among many others.

Being in the music industry, what are some of the challenges you’ve faced?

Sighs 😔😔😔
Well, it hasn’t been an easy journey especially when one has chosen not to cut corners.
Challenges especially at the early times have revolved around support system especially owing to how demanding (time and resources) the music ministry and industry is.
Other challenges include marketing and distribution of works.
Those in the music industry understand the challenges that area poses among other things but in all we are more than conquerors.
All things have been working out for my good. God is faithful.

You recently released a new single “I Run To You”. Indeed great and currently making wave.
What was the process like?

😊😊😊 Smiles…
I Run To You first came as a prayer line while I was putting together a major event in/for my state…
All I kept telling God then was, ‘If You don’t help me, where else can I go?’
I am a man who depends wholly on God unrepentantly (I can do nothing without him)
That line stayed in my spirit for several months even after the event was successfully hosted and bam one day we were to rehearse for a Live Recording concert scheduled for December 2019; and as I took over to lead my team in a brief worship session before we rehearsed, the lines and tune for the song I RUN TO YOU started flowing.
Everyone was caught up in deep worship and there we knew a new kingdom sound has been born.
It was added to our list of songs for the live recording eventhough it came just a few days before the recording because we knew God was up to something with that sound…
It became the first in the project we have released
Others are in the pipeline and will be released pretty soon.

Do you fan any upcoming project we should all look up to?

O yes! A lot is cooking
Like I earlier mentioned, I Run To You is the first in a 10 track Live recording project we have and other songs have been recorded overtime too and are also coming out…
We will be releasing them back to back (you know we dont have eternity to fulfill destiny)
So we are pushing out contents as the Lord instructs and enables us
Currently we are at the verge of releasing another single titled JESUS-Your name is Higher
A simple worship song coined from the ancient hymn…
So you see, there is so much my fans have to look out for.

😊😊😊 Smiles. You all heard. We are expecting nothing less.

What word of advice do you have for upcoming artiste?

By that I believe you mean Gospel Artistes
I have these few things to say
1. Be an ardent lover of God
Seek to know Him more each passing day
You can’t effectively worship or sing about a God you don’t know

2. Rehearse like it all depends on rehearsal and pray and study the word like it all depends on prayers and the word
Truth is a ‘wordless’ musician is invariably a ‘worldly’ musician
Develop a personal worship altar because God cannot give public endorsement to a ministry He does not know in private…

3. Find a church and serve there. God doesn’t anoint ‘matsers’ (those who feel too big to serve) His anointing is for his servants Ps. 89:20

4. Be consistent, if you know this is your calling
Dont let anything cause you to stop
Dont be in a haste, follow God’s time for your life
We all have different announcement days.

5. Humbly connect with and learn from those who have gone ahead of you
‘Follow person wey sabi road’.

Thank You For Your Time Sir.
We love your passion and zeal towards the work of God. Keep winning, breaking new grounds and making Jesus Famous!

It’s my pleasure.
Thank you very much
God bless you.

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