Olubunmi – The Love Song (Lyrics, Mp3)

Where is the love
Where is the love of God
Where is the love, we need it /repeat/

Verse 1:
Brothers betraying brothers
Sister hating on each other
Evil is called good
Good is called evil
The house of God is full of competition
Many are fighting for position
Politics everywhere in the house of God
Many people want to be a leader
Only a few knows how to be a good follower
Where is the love of God in our hearts
We worship with our lips while our hearts are far away
That is not the kind of love that christ taught us
Will christ die one more time for us to truly love

(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 2:
I need you, you need me .
We all need each other
I can’t do it on my own
You can’t do it on your own
United we stand, divided we fall
Let’s unit and love each other
This is the will of God for you and I

Love love love love love
Love love love love is the greatest

Here is the love
Here is the love of God
Here is the love recieve it
Here is the love, here is the love of God,
Here is the love recieve it.


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