[Music] Olumide Iyun releases House Of God

Olumide Iyun releases new album “House of God, Gate of Heaven”.
Olumide Iyun (pronounced oh’ lou’ me’ day ee’yun) is a worshipper, songwriter, and producer.

Growing up in the quiet city of Ibadan, Nigeria, Olumide displayed considerable musical ability and that talent was honed through the years through school work, various choirs and music mentors. He gave his life to Christ in 1989 as a teenager. He soon became caught up in worship as a young believer while listening to music ministries such as Vineyard Music, Maranatha Singers, and Hosanna Integrity Music, and he absolutely loved the experience of worship in his local assembly at the time, Christ Chapel Ibadan.

Sharing the inspiration behind his latest project, Olumide said “Sometime in July 2020, I was impressed upon to release a musical album to coincide with the 6-month mark from the date Nigeria went into a total lockdown concerning the covid-19 pandemic.

The work was to mark a time where we would get on top of the issues facing us as a nation and then move ahead of them. This album is a prophetic signpost to declare that we are entering into a season of great innovation, intelligence in problem-solving and excellence in organisation. The Light will shine in the darkness until the new day breaks!”

Olumide Iyun has released seven albums – Behold The King (2011), No One Like Our God (2015), Unlimited God Volumes 1&2 (2017), Unlimited God Volumes 3&4 (2019) and most recently, House of God, Gate of Heaven released in 2020.


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