Oluwayemisi Yakubu – With You (Mp3 Download)

Oluwayemisi Yakubu releases her new single ”With You,” produced by the phenomenal Amb. Wole Oni. The contemporary worship piece is a summary of the haven of peace and joy, the succor she found in walking with God, doing life with Him, and trusting Him, following a series of failures, heartbreaks, disappointments, betrayals, and rejection.


Oluwayemisi: “Just when I thought the rain would never end, He showed up as sunshine to brighten my day and as a silver lining to brighten my clouds. Thereafter, taking one step at a time with God, I picked myself back up and my life blossomed all over again.”

Now, with so much pleasure, she wants everyone to learn from her experience, to choose to stay with God against all the odds life comes with, seeing that it is only with him that we can overcome every battle or challenge.

Since we all have these life moments once in a while, then ”With You” is a must-have on our playlist.

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