Pamela Adiele – Hello (Lyrics, Mp3 Download)

Pamela Adiele releases her new song titled “Hello”.
The song takes our mind back to the day Christ was crucified, and paints the anguish felt by those who truly loved Christ. It is indeed a song to be heard and not spoken.

Hello’ is a song that tells the story about a deeply troubled woman. On one faithful evening, she was so down, she desired earnestly to speak with Christ, but realized He just been nailed on the cross. Heartbroken and in distress, she cried out, searched and asked why the world was so cruel to the only one who brought hope to mankind.


LYRICS: Hello by Pamela Adiele

Hello, can you hear me tonight?
Is the sabbath tonight?
Has my savior been nailed on the cross?

Hello, have you seen Him tonight?
Lord pls answer tonight,
There is no where else to turn but the cross.

Cause i’m standing, wondering why,
One with so much love should die?
Are we not the one’s who killed and lied?
Why are you bearing all the cost Lord?

Hello, can i go with You tonight?
To the place where You closed your eyes.
Let me wipe the tears and blood from you.
Hello, are we finally saved tonight?
From this world and endless fights, pls answer me its getting cold.

Because the hands of death is cruel,within the gates of hell is worse. And i dont know if you understand why, but i ought to be with You.

Hello! Lord pls answer me tonight,
It is only me insight.
I dont want to live a life without You.

Hello, i love You tonight, i would love You day and night,
Lord please, come and take me home tonight.

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