Paul Idiong – Atang Anam Lyrics

Paul Idiong - Atang Anam Lyrics
Jehovah atang anam amanam o.
Omodot itoro, Omofon ido.
Jehovah atang anam
I go dey praise your name, forever the same.
My God you too much o.
Atang (x3) 
Jehovah atang anam o (x4)
Jehovah atang anam o
Amanam o (x6)
Jehovah atang anam
You have changed my life.
From glory to glory
Na so I dey shine
You butter my bread o
You sugar my tea
Now I just dey jolly cos you too dey bless me
Amanam o
Amanam o
Amanam o
Amanam o
Everybody go dey praise your name (x8)

Atang Anam Lyrics by Paul Idiong

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