Peace Deborah – He Sees It All (Mp3, Press)

He Sees It All is a song that reminds people that God is loving and knows all that’s happening, so He’ll fix things. However, Peace invites people to consider that God’s way of resolving things may not look like how one would expect, but regardless, God will work things out for good.

Christians can easily find themselves in challenging situations where they don’t know what to say or even how God will show up. This results in many opting to stay silent in fear of saying the wrong thing, but shouldn’t Christians be light? How are they to respond to all that’s happening in the world?

There are so many unanswered questions, but instead of focusing on what she doesn’t know, Peace decides to focus on what she does. There’s a peace that arises when Christians remember who God is and that He is omniscient.

Peace prays that more Christians around the world would declare their trust in God’s caring nature, thus allowing the hopeless to see constant glimpses of light everywhere they turn.


Peace Oluwatuyi is a British Nigerian artist, born in Malta and raised in South London. Music has always been a key part of her life since a young age: she sang in talent shows throughout school, has been in choirs and has also played the saxophone as part of a church orchestra.

Although music has always been a key part of her life, it was only in mid-2018 that she felt led to release music and share her talent with others. Peace sings under the name Peace Deborah, not only because Deborah is one of the names her parents gave her, but because just like Deborah in Judges 5, Peace aims to sing an authentic victory song after each battle. She desires to write real and thought-provoking music that will help and encourage the listener and ultimately strengthen their walk with God.

Peace debuted with her single Unfamiliar Ground, which captures the feeling of being in the valley, but trusting that God is still there and able to save. She then followed with her single Blueprint – a prayer to God that she will walk in the plan He has for her. Peace intends to keep writing music and invites whoever that will listen to grow and journey with her.

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