Peterock & Koinonia – Halle Lyrics

Peterock & Koinonia - Halle Lyrics

Lord Jesus we are grateful
We are so grateful
You conquered hell and the grave just for us
We call you our champion
And unto you we sing this song of worship in praise

Verse 1:
See the glory of God is moving
I feel His Spirit and His presence rising
I hear the heavenly host singing halle
See the glory of God is moving
The blind see and the lame can walk again
Let the people of God sing out halle

halle eh

Verse 2:
I believe there is power in your blood
I believe in your name
I believe there’s much to gain
I believe in the son of God who died and rose
To wash me off my sins and pain
I believe He lives, He lives again

Oh oh oh
The stone is rolled away
He conquered hell and death and the grave
Oh oh oh
He’s our champion and unto Him
I give my song and worship in praise
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“Halle” Lyrics by Peterock & Koinonia

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