Sarai Korpacz – Harmony (Lyrics, Mp3 Download)

Sarai Korpacz is winning over a growing legion of fans, not just for her beautiful voice and uplifting compositions with Harmony, but also for not shying away from topics that are quite important to those living lives devoted to Christ.

Building off of her success in 2020, despite obstacles the year has presented for all in the entertainment world, Sarai releases her second single for the year “Harmony“.

“Harmony” is the direct result of prayers from Sarai for help and guidance from God, on a subject quite dear to her – the persecution perpetrated by extremist groups that have taken place in her native Zipak, Kafanchan, in Kaduna State, Nigeria. As a citizen also of the United States, Sarai is aware of the patterns that have led to unrest in The U.S and the world at large and say “We can all start by praying for our own communities and asking the Lord how to take action”.

“Harmony is the first song that I produced myself,” commented Sarai, clearly passionate about her music and message. “I was very fortunate to have had an international blend of talented musicians playing the different instruments in the song. I pray it blesses all those that listen to it and above all leads us all to pray for God to heal the global land.”

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LYRICS: Harmony by Sarai Korpacz

La La La La La La La La

Harmony oh oh synchrony
Heaven comes down when we’re in unity
Sing with me as I sing with you
Heaven comes down when we’re in unity

Verse 1:
A call to God’s people, let us arise
Victory is ours when we pray
As we lift up our hands with a sacrifice of praise
He will heal our land

(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 2:
Jesus is the son of God, seated on the throne
Whose desire is for one and all to pray
Bowed down on our knees, interceding as we plead,
Lord please heal our land

(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 3:
Can you feel His presence, right here in our midst?
Two or three are gathered yes, we pray
As we claim now The Kingdom and His righteousness
He will heal our land

Repeat Chorus (2x)

Lord heal our land (x4)
Heal our land we pray Oh Lord heal our land (x4)

(Repeat Chorus)

You’re my brother you’re my sister in the Lord
We are children of the Most High living in one accord.
(La la la la la la la la)

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