SunnyBLU – Brothers Keeper (New EP)

SunnyBLU premieres his new EP tagged “BROTHER’S KEEPER” where he features his blood brother Toby Rein on 50% of the first Volume.

The phrase “Brother’s Keeper” stems from Cains reply to God in the bible.

“Then the LORD said to Cain, “Where is your brother Abel?” “I don’t know,” he replied. “Am I my brother’s keeper?” – Genesis 4:9

In the wider context, it is an old question that goes to the heart of the world we live in today. Do we bear any responsibility for those around us?
In our current myths of independence and vain competitions, we easily fail to look out for the ones God have placed under our watch, especially in a world of social media where a second of fake smile captured in a smartphone and shared could be misinterpreted to be that one is doing very well, attract lots of likes and envy without the world knowing the pain and emptiness that lies underneath the soul.

In this age and time, it has become more expedient to ask deep questions, to have real conversations, to be accountable, to keep the faith, to help the wounded soldiers and to be our Brother’s Keeper.

Beyond good music, this EP is a call to responsibility to those whose destinies look up to our Christianity for love, guidiance and care.

“BROTHER’S KEEPER”, a 13 minute Ep of sweet melody, Rhythm and Poetry is an embodiment of well produced and defined thought/vibes centered at bringing consciousness to the lost minds and helping them re-discover their culture and true purpose on earth.

The rapper who is widely known for his strong Christian beliefs/faith joins forces with a few other young rising incredible minds; notable for excellence.. They include artistes like Toby Rein & Blissful Nomad…

Trust the process!!!

This body of work is sure going to delight your souls…

Available on all digital stores HERE



1. Brother’s keeper (intro) feat. Blissful Nomad

2. Show me feat. Toby Rein

3. More like You feat. Toby Rein

4. Love You Now

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