Uche Wezeali releases Dike (Mp3 Download)

His debut single, DIKE, was released by Nigerian Gospel singer / songwriter / voice coach Uche Wezeali.

Uche Wezeali is a music minister whose mandate is, through the instrumentality of music, to express the word of God. He has done this over the years as a band leader, music director, voice teacher, and a worship leader in various capacities.

In 2017, the song DIKE was first born and was performed live in some churches in Nigeria ‘s Port Harcourt region. The singer went ahead to rewrite for his rising audience a studio version of the song DIKE. According to him, after an experience he had with God, in June 2020, the originally performed version was reformed and enhanced.

“On that day, God had instructed me to take certain action, and had clearly stated what he would do if I took the action. But the instruction seemed unachievable, given the prevailing pandemic. So my response was, “In this covid-19 pandemic?” I expected the conversation to continue; God went silent.

Two days later, I was reading Job 38, and God showed up. I couldn’t stand the awe that engulfed me as he ordered me to provide answers to the questions in Job 38. I just went down on my knees and cried to him for forgiveness. As I got up from this encounter, the first verse and bridge, which were not part of first Dike, were written. Dike is the product of my obedience to God’s instruction”.

Uche Wezeali is certain that it’s not a coincidence that this song comes at such a time as this when the nations of the earth are facing upheavals. In his words, “Let this song, DIKE (meaning Warrior), constantly remind you that God is sovereign, and rules in the affairs of men”.

The song DIKE comes with an accompanying video that is as beautiful and interesting as the song.


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