Visions of Songs – Have Mercy O Lord (Lyrics, Mp3)

Visions of Music, the gospel singer, releases yet another album titled “Have Mercy O Lord” ft. Odion Felix Ohis. This is the cry of many people these days, Have Mercy O Lord, even as undeserving beneficiaries of the mercy of Heaven, we still ask Have Mercy O Lord. Nothing could be asked of us other than that we show unreserved kindness and compassion for other people ourselves.

Indeed, we are ordered to be merciful, O Lord, as God is merciful! There is also talk of kindness in the Bible. Compassion is the sharing of others’ pain and suffering, and working actively to relieve them. “Our greatest example in this is Jesus Himself, who took human nature upon Himself, offering His life to open for us a way of eternal redemption as we cry Have Mercy O Lord, let us recall Ephesians 4:31-32, which says,” Let all bitterness, wrath, rage, cry, and evil speaking be put away from you with all wickedness. And be kind to one another, tender-hearted, forgiving one another, even as God forgave you in Christ.’


LYRICS: Have Mercy O Lord

Have mercy oh Lord
I have come to repent
Have mercy oh Lord
I have come to request

Have mercy oh Lord
I have come to repent
Have mercy oh Lord
This I pray

Almighty God, we come to you today in repentance of our sins
And we ask you do not look upon our sin as wide as they are
but forgive us today in the name of Jesus
We come before you as individuals,
We come before you as a family
We come before you as a nation
We come before you as a people
pleading that you forgive us
as we come into the Throne of Grace
To obtain mercy and find grace to help in times of need

Reply: Have mercy oh Lord
We have come to repent

We get down on our knees
Forgive us Lord
and we pray, we pray
Don’t you give up on us

Solo and Reply: We have come to request

Jehovah, please draw us close to you
And not let’s walk away from your Word anymore
This we pray oh Lord God today
As we acknowledge that you alone are God
the creator of Heaven and Earth
And by you word the world was established and without you was nothing made
because you are the giver of light and the give of life
You are our strength, our peace, our hope, our inspiration.
We come together and we repent oh Lord oh Lord oh Lord

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Have mercy, mercy, mercy
oh we plead with you Lord
We request
Our father God, we acknowledge that we did not make ourselves
but you made us and created all things.
We are sorry to have departed from your Word. Please cleanse us of all unrighteousness
And do not count our sins against, but draw us close to you
And let your mercy rest upon us, let your grace rest upon us
We want to know more of you, help us not to follow a multitude to sin.
As we acknowledge that you alone are God

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