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Bio Data

Biological Name: Grace Idowu Ibukunoluwa
Stage Name: Gracee
Age: 19 years (May 3rd, 2000)
State of Origin: Ondo State, Nigeria
State of Residence: Lagos, Nigeria
Occupation: Contemporary Gospel Singer.
Education: Babcock University (Music)
Marital Status: Single
Music Label: Brandnewrecords LLC
Latest Single: Jesus

Download “Jesus” by Grace Idowu

Grace Idowu Ibukunoluwa popularly known as Gracee is a fast rising Nigerian Contemporary Gospel Singer, a passionate minister and a lover of God with a golden vocal that makes everyone want to listen to her always.
Currently signed under Brandnewrecords LLC.

Brief Interview Session

So, Why did you choose gospel music as a profession and career?

Basically, I choosed gospel music because of the goodness of the God upon my life.
When I was 11 I discovered I could sing. I was surprised because i didn’t grow up having the gift, it was quite known to people that I wasn’t a good singer. Fortunately, I was asked once to sing in front of my class knowing I couldn’t sing so well I still stepped out and surprisingly I sang so beautifully.
God came through for me and I made up my mind from that day that I’ll surely use the gift for his glory alone because of the miracle he performed.

What are your visions as a gospel artiste?

As a gospel artiste, my vision is to spread the sweet word of God through music to all the earth, every tribe and religion.
I want to take gospel music to a whole new level and win lots of awards for christ.

Talking about music, what gives you inspiration?

God gives me inspiration. I have never taken a pen to write any of my songs, I meditate on what he has for me and when I record my songs, I just let him flow through me.

With reference to your ministry, who are the people you look upto?

I look up to some American contemporary gospel singers; the likes of “Kierra Sheard” and some Nigerian gospel worshiper “Victoria Orenze”.

Talking about your music career, which can you say is the the biggest project you’ve worked on?

I recently rounded on my 5track EP titled “Amazing God” which drops ending of February this year (2020).
It’s the biggest project I’ve worked on so far although I know there’re more to come.

Being in the music industry, what are some of the challenges you’ve faced?

Being in a label and working with producers are some of the challenges I faced.
Though it has been fully tackled.

You recently released a new single “Jesus”, what inspired and geared you up to compose the song?

God inspired every bit of the song “Jesus”.
The song talks about how God’s love, mercies and grace is enough and sufficient for us.

Do you fan any upcoming project we should all look up to?

Sure. My 5track EP titlled “Amazing God” would be dropping soon. Get set for a revolution!

😊😊😊 Smiles. You all heard her. We are expecting nothing less.
We love your passion and zeal towards the work of God. Keep winning, breaking new grounds and making Jesus Famous!

Amen. Thanks for having me.

So a lot of people have been asking me why i chose “Gospel” why i chose “Christ” . Some even say why waste it for God when you can blow sharp sharp and have all the fame and riches..and A lot have asked about my music life and how I’ve come this far without backing out and giving up! Lol! I wasn’t born into this music life , I discovered my gift when i was 11 and that was 2011..and that day I stepped out to sing to my classmates in Jss1 , i sang and i can sing that was what i said to myself because then i never knew what i could do , i used to see myself as worthless, no gift! Nothing! But that moment i stepped out to sing , i could and I still didn’t really take it serious till i was 14years old, a lot happened , changing church and starting something new, the word of God seemed new to me and as I continued to dwell in it! He gave me much more reason to believe that He chose me and from that moment i said to God , you didn’t disgrace me when i stepped out that day to do what i had never done before, you gave a reason to my name! You changed me and gave me a new beginning and also made it clear to me that my name “GRACE” would always speak for me and that it means! God in my race! And that you will always be with me in this race..and that day i said God i will make sure the world gets to know and see more of you through me! I am Made For More! I’ve had people belittle me! Tell me I can’t do it but this same GOD has been faithful to me, and He has never failed me! To everyone who read through this! Don’t give up! Don’t let people scare you! They will tell you why! Why! Dont! But you tell them! God has plans for me! Let it be that! They said? But God said!!!! #graceidowu #graceodogwu
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