Christon Gray – Closer (Lyrics, Mp3 Download)

Christon Gray has released his next single, “Closer (Restore My Sight).” This sobering piano ballad is meant to touch the lives of everyone who is lost and looking for answers, and fellow believers will resonate deeply with its message. Fans of Christon, and lovers of truthful music in general, should be excited based on how Christon describes the personal impact that this writing experience has had on him during these difficult times:

“After all of the racial and social issues erupted in America over the past couple of months, I found myself asking God a lot of questions. He allowed this divide to be, He allowed African-American’s to be discriminated against. There are even many who do it in the name of Jesus. But I was comforted by my Creator and His love for me. If it took all of this to get me to see myself, then maybe that would bring me one step closer to seeing God.”

Christon Gray Shares

LYRICS: Closer (Restore My Sight) by Gray Christon

Verse 1:
There’s nothing deeper than the ocean
Except the love you have for me
But nothing’s calming my emotions
Must still be something I don’t see
Lord, I need You in the morning
Like I need You in the night
You see to my forming
Restore my sight

Verse 2:
I can’t help feeling this emotion
No longer slave nor am I free
They brought the church across the ocean
And in Your name they conquered me
I wanna see You in their faces
Like I see You in mine
You see to my forming
Restore my sight

Lord You are life’s greatest composer
I am the song that You sing
Whatever will be, draw me closer
Draw me close to You
Draw me close to You

Oh, ooh, ooh, oh, ooh, ooh
Draw me close to You

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